Little Wishlist's Best Summer Toys & Water Play Products To Add To Your Gift Registry
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Little Wishlist's Best Summer Toys & Water Play Products To Add To Your Gift Registry

Outdoor Toy

When the sun comes out, parents look at their gardens to find the best summer toys and water products for outdoor play. Garden toys are the perfect way to keep children entertained away from devices and make the most of summer days. With summer toys and water play products, there are plenty of options to choose from, and outdoor toys have the added benefit of playing a significant role in children's development.

How do outdoor summer toys aid learning and development?

Garden toys promote learning and development in lots of ways.

  • Physical development: Swinging, climbing, running, and jumping on outdoor play equipment helps with motor skills, strength, balance, coordination and confidence.
  • Sensory development: Sand and water play tables engage a child’s senses by exploring textures, sounds, and visual stimuli.  
  • Creativity and imagination: Playhouses, kitchens and tools encourage imaginative play so that children can build narratives, role-playing, creativity and storytelling skills.
  • Cognitive skills: Outdoor toys support the development of cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and logical thinking. Building blocks and obstacle courses involve planning and decision-making.
  • Social skills: Unlike other toys, garden toys can be played with in groups, which helps with social skills, cooperation, sharing, turn-taking, and communication. Children learn to interact, negotiate, build empathy and foster teamwork.
  • Nature awareness: Children can connect with nature and appreciate the importance of the outdoors by playing in the garden. Gardening or using binoculars to look for insects and plants are exciting activities for children of all ages.

Outdoor toys for babies and toddlers

It's important to prioritise safety and pick age-appropriate outdoor summer toys for babies and toddlers. 

Baby swings, sensory balls, water play mats or tables, bubble machines or baby walkers are great for outdoor play. They provide sensory stimulation, encourage grasping and rolling, and promote hand-eye coordination.

Always ensure that outdoor toys for babies are safe, free from small parts and choking hazards, and made from safe materials. It is essential to never leave babies unattended during outdoor play and be mindful of weather conditions to ensure their comfort and safety.

Favourite outdoor summer and water toys for your gift registry

  • Paddling pool: A small inflatable pool provides hours of fun and can help children cool off in the summer heat. For ease, find an easy-to-set-up pool and or, if it is a bigger one, a paddling pool with a cover.
  • Water slide: A water slide provides hours of fun for both kids and adults. Again, find a water slide that is easy to assemble and connects to a hose for water flow.
  • Water pistols: Water guns are classic summer toys. You can find lots of different-sized water pistols to suit any age group.
  • Water balloons: A water fight is another way to beat the summer heat. Water balloons can be filled individually or as a bunch of water balloons for everyone to participate.
  • Water sprinklers: Sprinklers are refreshing for kids and pets. A regular garden sprinkler has adjustable water patterns and settings to add more fun.
  • Beach toys: Whether you have a beach nearby or a simple sandpit, beach toys are a must-have. Choose sandcastle-building kits, beach balls, and sand playsets as gifts on your summer wish list.
  • Outdoor games: Don't forget about outdoor games that can be enjoyed at home or at the park. Children can play with balls, frisbees, playsets, rocket launchers, scooters, and bikes at home or on the go.

Add outdoor summer toys to your wish list 

Remember to check for product reviews, quality, and safety features when you choose summer toys. It's a good idea to add a range of options to suit different age groups and extend the lifespan of the outdoor toy so that it lasts for more than one summer. Once you’ve found the ideal combination of outdoor toys for your children, create an online Little Wishlist and share them with your family and friends. 

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